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Dr. Maher K. Tadros
11823 Arbor Street,
Suite 200,
Omaha, NE 68144
o. 402-884-9998 (Ext 211)
c. 402-215-1430
Email: mtadros@econstruct.us

e.construct.USA, LLC is a structural engineering firm specializing in innovative value engineering solutions for bridges and buildings. e.construct.USA has diversified structural experience including the design of bridges (roadway, pedestrian), buildings (commercial, industrial/facilities, institutional, residential), towers/poles (telecommunications, power), and a wide range of unique structures, construction engineering, and value engineering. Our loyal clients in Omaha, Nebraska; the Midwest; throughout the United States and Canada; and across the world entrust us with both conventional and innovative/award-winning design, construction, and special projects. Our connections may be international, but our experience is local with deep community roots. We bring together a world-class skill set, integrating state-of-the-art technical expertise with cutting edge academic knowledge and an exceptional emphasis on quality, innovation and value added for our clients. We do not just apply structural knowledge … We create it! Our engineers are active participants on a variety of technical committees and professional organizations, and authors of numerous codes and manuals that continue to shape the industry.